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Rubbish and recycling collection
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Rubbish and recycling collection

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Residential waste / recycling collection service

Download the guides below to find out when the next collection dates are for waste, recycling, green waste and bulk waste verge collections:
Title Type Size and format
Waste and Recycle Services Calendar 2013 - 2014

Verge Waste Collection Flyer 2013 - 2014


PDF 970 kb

Collection and using your bins Picture Waste Truck

Bin Placement:
  • Place your waste and recycling bins out on your verge by 6:00am on the day of your collection.
  • Place your bins at least half a metre apart from each other with the wheels facing your house.
  • Attempt to maintain a distance of one (1) metre from fences, walls and cars.
  •  The weight of your bin cannot exceed 70kg. If your bin is above this weight it cannot be emptied. 

There are no changes to collection days for ALL Public Holidays. Your bins will be collected as normal if your collection day falls on a public holiday.

Only City of Rockingham issued bins will be emptied during collection.

Liquids, medical waste or needles, hazardous waste including batteries, construction material or hot ashes DONT go in either bin. Please refer to the Waste and Recycling Services Calendar (above) for information on what goes into each bin.

New or broken bins

To obtain a new bin or to have your bin repaired, please contact the Millar Road Landfill and Recycling Facility

Please allow 7 days for your new bin to be available.

Each bin is the property of the City of Rockingham and contains a serial number. This number is registered to a specific address so should not be removed from the property. 

Forms For Waste Services

The below forms are for cancelling or adding a waste service to a property. Only the ratepayer may request changes to services for a property. Please return the completed form to the details on the bottom of the form. 

Title Type Size and format
Residential Property - Request Additional or Cancellation of Additional Service Document PDF 1002 kb
Commercial Property - Request Additional Service Document PDF 1 Mb
Commercial Property - Request Cancellation of Service Document PDF 1014kb

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Residential verge waste collections

To find out guidelines and dates for your area, contact the Millar Road Landfill and Recycling Facility or download the Verge Collection Brochure (970kb). An advertisement in the local newspaper will also be advertised before collection commences.


Should verge rubbish not comply with regulations than it will not be collected. It is the responsibility of the resident or property owner to make alternative arrangements for disposal. Tip passes can be used to drop items to the Millar Road Landfill and Recycling Facility, Baldivis. All metal objects and furniture of a saleable nature is accepted at the Millar Road Recycling Facility are free of charge. See Rubbish Tips and Recycle Stations.

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