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City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards

The 2016 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards are closed for entries. Winners will be announced shortly.

For further queries, please contact the Community Development Officer (Arts & Culture) on 9528 0333 or customer@rockingham.wa.gov.au

Artwork: Drewfus Gates Mixed media study (1993)Categories


1st prize: $600
2nd prize: $300
3rd prize: $200
2 commendations of $50

Over 50s

1st prize: $600
2nd prize: $300
3rd prize: $200
2 commendations of $50

Young Writers (10 to 17)

1st prize: $400
2nd prize: $250
3rd prize: $100


Community Christmas Poetry Competition

Congratulations to Ashleigh Mounser, whose poem ‘Carols’ is the winner of the 2015 City of Rockingham Christmas Poetry Competition.Entertainers at Xmas Lights Display

The first annual Christmas Poetry competition was a huge success, with more than 70 entries  received from right across Australia. Judge Karen Louise Murphy said:

I particularly like the opening and the reference to snow and icicles only existing in Australia as lights on Christmas trees. However, for me it came down to the poets choice to reference the environment over cultural Christmas icons. While Santa is relatively the same everywhere, it is the VB, the heat alluded to by the "cicada's fluttering in the ghost gums", the iced chocolate instead of hot cocoa that define an Australian Christmas. My Christmas memories are full of heat and sweat, swimming and air-conditioners. This poem alludes to that heat without stating it outright, it is softly spoken and leaves you remembering cold meat and running under the sprinkler to cool down. Most importantly, it reminds us of family. Until the last stanza their presence is only suggested--"VB and Fanta" suggest parents and children without actually mentioning them. In the last stanza  "Christmas morning / with my sister"  brings us back to a kind of calm, the image of sitting on the deck is one commonly associated with the cold--a blanket around their backs, hot cocoa. Instead the poet references iced chocolate and cicadas, showing that we can still have and enjoy these moments in the heat. It is a wonderful poem and a lot of skill has gone into selecting which images to include. 

Carols, by Ashleigh Mounser

I’ve never had a white Christmas,           
and the only icicles I’ve ever seen in December
flashed red and green, 
connected with a cord to an extension board.

I’ve never had hot cocoa on Christmas Eve,        
we drink VB and Fanta with our potato salad,    
at eight o’clock the stubborn sun             
is still fading out the Christmas lights      
and for at least a few hours,      
the magpies run this town.         

It isn’t exactly what carols are made of,                                
but sitting on the deck come Christmas morning              
with my sister and my iced chocolate     
and the cicadas fluttering in the ghost gums,      
it certainly feels like a carol worth singing.

 For further information contact Community Development Officer (Culture & Arts) on 9528 0333 or customer@rockingham.wa.gov.au

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