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Access and Inclusion

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Reconciliation Action Plan

The City of Rockingham’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a formal document that provides a way forward and acknowledges the gap in the health and well-being between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and other Australians.

The City’s vision for reconciliation is to help build a community that welcomes diversity and celebrates difference. Our focus is on three aspects:

1. Building relationships
2. Fostering respect
3. Developing opportunities

The City’s RAP empowers the City of Rockingham to engage in building relationships within the community, fostering mutual respect and supporting and facilitating opportunities for Aboriginal people.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Reconciliation Action Plan, please contact the City of Rockingham's Community Capacity Building department on 08 9528 0399.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

The City of Rockingham has a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) as required by law. This Plan is progressively implemented through the work of the Disability Access Officer and a Disability Access Advisory Committee consisting of service providers and community representatives.

The DAIP focuses on achieving six key outcomes for people with disabilities and their carers. People with disabilities have:

  1. The same opportunities as other people to access the services of, and any events organised by, a public authority
  2. The same opportunities as other people to access the buildings and facilities of a public authority
  3. Receive information from a public authority in a format that will enable them to access the information as readily as other people are able to access it
  4. Receive the same quality and level of service from the staff of a public authority as other people receive from the staff of that public authority
  5. The same opportunities as other people to make complaints to a public authority
  6. The same opportunities as other people to participate in any public consultation by a public authority.
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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Document PDF 216 kb

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, please contact the City of Rockingham's Community Capacity Building department on 08 9528 0399. 

Beach access

The City of Rockingham has a strong commitment to having a universally accessible community as demonstrated by the fact that we have continued to address a variety of issues over the years to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The City is of course renowned for its wonderful coastline which is a major drawcard for residents and visitors alike. Access to the beach and water has emerged as a major issue for people with disabilities, not only for people in wheelchairs, but also people with mobility problems

Governor Road beach access path

The City of Rockingham has developed a beach access path to allow people with disabilities easier access to the beach via direct paths from the car park to the foreshore area.

Beach trekker wheelchairs

The City has purchased two beach wheelchairs to enable people with disabilities and their carers to access Rockingham Beaches. The wheelchairs are available free of charge from The Cruising Yacht Club, Val Street, Rockingham during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 9pm
Sunday: 10am - 9pm

To hire these beach wheelchairs, please call the Cruising Yacht Club on 9527 5468.

Beach matting

To enable the beach wheelchairs to be utilised to their full potential, the City has purchased accessible beach matting.

The matting, originally designed by the armed forces to enable tanks and other heavy military vehicles to travel across sand is now being used in an innovative way all over the world and is a great solution to allow enhanced access to the beach.

The beach matting is a portable and removable rollout access pathway that can be used for people with a disability, pedestrians, wheelchair users, parents with prams, the elderly, and can also be used by emergency services. It makes for easy access for people with disabilities and those who may find access onto the beach difficult. The beach matting permits users direct access to the water.

The beach matting will be well utilised for a variety of community events and is currently located at the Rockingham Foreshore, next to the Cruising Yacht Club.

Fantasy Park

The City of Rockingham's Award Winning Accessible playground for children with a disability on Rand Avenue in Waikiki. The park's features include:

  • A sensory garden and touching panels for the visually impaired
  • Large stone animal sculptures designed for interactive play
  • User friendly barbecues and picnic tables
  • Eight accessible parking bays on site
  • Accessible unisex toilet on site
  • A pick-up/set down bay suitable for a bus is provided in the parking area.

Liberty Swing

The Liberty Swing is an accessible swing for children who use a wheelchair, providing the opportunity for the whole family to experience the joy of having a swing in the park. It is located in the beautiful surroundings of the play area at City Park, Rockingham.

To access the Liberty Swing, you will need to contact the City of Rockingham Administration on 9528 0333 to obtain a key.

You're Welcome WA Access Initiative

The City of Rockingham conducted the You're Welcome WA Access Initiative in partnership with the Disability Services Commission and the Western Australian Local Government Association.

The initiative provides access information about facilities and attractions such as hotels, restaurants and shops, to people of all ages and abilities.

More information on the initiative can be obtained from the City of Rockingham's Community Development Officer on 08 9527 0702.

Access and mobility maps

The City of Rockingham, supported by the Disability Services Commission and in partnership with the WA Local Government Association, recently produced an access and mobility map which covers the Rockingham Central Business District.

The map enables people with disabilities (locals and visitors) to plan a journey or attendance at a community event, knowing exactly what route to take and what facilities are available to them on that route or at their chosen destination.

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Rockingham Access and Mobility Map Document PDF 1.6 MB


Improving access in the city - have your say

We are currently looking for your feedback on access and inclusion issues within the City. Should you have any ideas on possible improvements to buildings, facilities and services to allow people with disabilities easier access please contact us

 Useful links for those with special needs 

Wheelchair accessibility guides and important publications

The following websites provide important information on wheelchair friendly access: